Jute Wine Bags

Aaltex Jute Wine Bags have a rustic charm. As leading manufacturers and exporters of wine bags, we make stylish bags that come with cane, cotton and jute handles that make the perfect gift bags for wedding, party, holiday or any other special occasion. The bags can be a one bottle, two bottle, three bottle and four bottle jute wine bags. These are also available with a plastic see through channel for display of the wine bottles. We also make customized wine bags as per client requirements. These are also available in draw string styles.

  • ITEM CODE AI/19300
    SIZE 10X36X10 cms
  • ITEM CODE AI/19301
    SIZE 20X36X10 cms
  • ITEM CODE AI/19302
    SIZE 38X36X10 cms
  • ITEM CODE AI/19303
    SIZE 10X36X10 cms
  • IITEM CODE AI/19304
    SIZE 30X36X10 cms
  • ITEM CODE AI/19305
    SIZE 20X36X10 cms
  • ITEM CODE AI/19306
    SIZE 10X36X10 cms
  • Burlap Wine Totes
    ITEM CODE AI/19307
    SIZE 20X18X10 cms
  • ITEM CODE AI/19308
    SIZE 36X10X10 cms
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