Jute Promotional Bags

Our Jute Promotional Bags are stitched using high quality materials and modern machines with advanced technologies in accordance with the current market trends. Being a leading manufacturer and exporter of jute promotional bags, we offer biodegradable, environment friendly bags that are highly customizable as per client needs and come in beautiful, eye catching designs.

  • ITEM CODE AI/19/236
    SIZE - cms
  • ITEM CODE AI/19/229
    SIZE 40X35X16 cms
  • ITEM CODE AI/19/233
    SIZE 57X42X11 cms
  • ITEM CODE AI/19/237
    SIZE 20X30 cms
  • ITEM CODE AI/19/238
    SIZE 38X42 cms
  • ITEM CODE AI/19/239
    SIZE 38X42 cms
  • ITEM CODE AI/19/240
    SIZE 42X40X15 cms
  • ITEM CODE AI/19/241
    SIZE 42X40X15 cms
  • ITEM CODE AI/19/242
    SIZE 20X30X8 cms
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