Jute Shopping Bags

We are maufacturer & exporter of jute shopping bags which are eco-friendly and you can use them as gift bags, promotional bags, trade show bags, drwastring bags, jute fancy bags, pouches, carry bags, fashion bags etc. These bags can be customised to suit your requirements. Jute bag is environment friendly.

  • ITEM CODE AI/19/900
    SIZE 40x40x15
  • ITEM CODE AI/19/901
    SIZE 40x40x15
  • ITEM CODE AI/19/902
    SIZE 36x30x8 cms
  • ITEM CODE AI/19/903
    SIZE 40x40x10 cms
    SIZE 36x30x8 cms
  • ITEM CODE AI/19/904
    SIZE 30x30x10 cms
  • ITEM CODE AI/19/905
    SIZE 30X36X10 cms
  • ITEM CODE AI/19/906
    SIZE 38X42X10 cms
  • ITEM CODE AI/19/907
    SIZE 40X40X15 cms
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